Processed Eclipse - First Attempt

Well, this is my first shot at processing the eclipse sequence. Despite the totality image being rather over exposed, I'm pretty happy with it on the whole. Click the image to see it larger.

As for the process involved in the creation:

No funny business. The camera never moved and everything you see is real. It's 17 exposures, one every ten minutes. I actually took one every five and then thinned out the images.

The shots of the sun in phase are shot with a Baader solar filter at shutter speeds around 1/200 of a second. The individual images are totally black except for the sun. They were taken using an automatic timer so I didn't have to worry about it too much during the event.

At the moment of totality, I removed the filter and shot several shots at different shutter speeds, generally of a couple of seconds shutter speed (the people were mostly still - transfixed by the sun so they didn't move too much). Of those shots, I chose one and that is everything you see in the image, except the phases of the sun.

This was my first total solar eclipse so I didn't want to spend the whole thing with my camera. I took a few quick shots in about half a minute and then just enjoyed the rest of my 00:03:42.

After the sun reappeared, I put the filter back on and resumed the timed exposures through to the end of the eclipse.

In Photoshop, I stacked each image as a layer, cropped everything from each one except the solar disk, and then used the "screen" overlay method, applying them to the totality image. No other photoshop hijinks were used.

You can see that I didn't quite center totality so the sequence runs off the frame by a couple of minutes and I overexposed totality so you can't see the dark disk of the moon in the center.

Still, overall I'm pretty happy with it and I didn't spend too much time durring the eclipse screwing with it which was important to me.

Probably more than you wanted to know but there it is... :)


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