Well, we got lucky. We just saw a total solar eclipse. I really don't have the words to describe it. Here are a few pictures of Cappadocia in general and also one picture from totality. I didn't get exactly what I wanted but I promised myself that I wouldn't screw with the camera and miss the eclipse. I used about 30 seconds or so shooting and spent the rest of the 3.5 minutes just enjoying the emotional impact of the thing, which was immense. I certainly have stories to tell.

This used to be someone's home. More on Cappadocia...

This is the dome of one of rock cut churches.

Part of a beautiful valley vinyard.. I shot a full panorama of this valley but the stitching will have to wait to I get home.

Last, but most certainly not least, the totality portion of my eclipse sequence. Like the suntrail shots below, I will add the exposures of the phases to this image but, again, that will have to wait until I get home. Overall, the experience was simply astounding - the reactions of the people, the 360 degree sunset, the chill in the air - I just can't describe everything I felt.

So.... who wants to go see the 2009 eclipse with me in Japan? :)


Yo' Mama said...

Awesome Dood - can't wait to see all the rest of the pics and hear the stories. Hugs

Blue_Dingo said...

As always, beautiful pictures.

Anonymous said...

Maybe EG or Odder would go--they could translate, too! It's china_blue from WoPo. A little bird sent me your blog. Hope you're having a great trip!

I mentioned some months ago a documentary I saw in Toronto on the Giant Buddha statues that were destroyed by the Taliban. Turns out the film will be screening at the SF Film Fest, in case you'll be back by then: http://fest06.sffs.org/films/film_details.php?id=34

Thank you so much for posting your amazing pictures. Travel safe and keep sharing the photographic love. Wait, that didn't sound quite right... ;p

Alan said...

Ryan, can you move the 2009 thing to New Zealand or Australia or Costa Rica? Great pictures. I hope to see more of them soon.
Welcome Home!